Friday, June 28, 2013

When life gives you lemons, throw the lemons back in life's face and say:

"You know what life?
 I didn't ask for lemons. I ordered an espresso."

And that's the quote of our week. 

This happened. 

Our hoopty is dead. RIP hoopty. I love our hoopty. It was falling apart and needed love, but it was so good to us & ours completely, and our goal was {is} to buy our next car with cash. But you know what I love more then the hoopty? My husband. 

I am so, so thankful for my healthy, full and complete husband. Jason was driving straight down a 4 lane road when a flatbed semi backed out of an ally and slammed into Jason's passenger side. Praise Jesus there was no one else in the car {typically Jason has youth with him}. The windows were blown out and glass went everywhere {I'm still finding it in my washer & dryer and I don't know why or how}. The body is obviously damaged & we're pretty certain it's totaled. Jason was cut by glass, overextended one of his fingers, and has whipblash in his back. 

If you'd like, please pray for us while dealing with the insurance company {not ours, the trucks company}. Also we're having some issues with some of Josiah's medications and his insurance company too. I don't like insurance companies. 

All of this, these lemons, just another reminder that God is good. 

And to end on a sweet note: 

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  1. Oh how scary!! But so glad he is doing ok and that no one else was in the car!! Will definitely pray for you guys as you deal with insurance!!