Sunday, April 20, 2014

And then there was a baby.

Last summer we decided to try for another baby. We met with the doctor who monitored my care with Ella. He did some tests, wrote some prescriptions, and gave us a thumbs up to go.

The next week at summer camp Andrew walks up to me on a Saturday morning and tells me that he had a dream that I had a baby boy (he did not know we were trying). The whole following week Ella starts walking around the house saying "The baby brother will sleep in the crib & I'll still get Mommy & Daddy's bed" (the girl still makes her way in and I love it). I figure God must be telling my children that if I did indeed get preggo, it'd be a boy. We laughed it off.

The 2nd day of 2nd grade for Josiah I was sitting in my living room putting dates from the school calendar into my Google calendar. Ella was playing in her bedroom, Pandora was on, my house was peaceful. The phone rang and I heard the base set declare "Phone call from County of Los Angeles DCFS". I jump up, and I assume the call is regarding Josiah, because what else could it be?

 I answer. And life changes.

Josiah's bio mom had another baby, it was a boy, he was a few days old. Would we take him. Tomorrow?

Shut the front door!!

We had no idea she was pregnant, no idea she was even in this part of the country.

We conferenced called Andrew, had a family meeting, prayed & said YES.

Over the next 17 hours our community surrounded us, our best friends showed up & built a crib, went shopping, this and that and we had every little thing one could need for a newborn. And then he was here.

Legally, things have not turned out the way we were originally led to believe they would, but that boy is still in our home, at nearly 8 months. He squealing as I type. He looks so much like Josiah. Pray for him, the court system , us and the boys bio mom. It's been a rough road to endure, the last several months, but we have our hope in a mighty God.

I can't wait to show you his sweet face!!

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  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    My husband and I fostered our son before we adopted him, so I totally know how you're feeling (except mine was 1 when we got him). What a blessing to have friends and family gather to help. I will lift you all up in prayer, especially the court system, as you wait for answers.

    1. That's awesome! His older brother came to us at 2 1/2. Feeling very blessed to have been able to get this boy almost straight from the hospital.