Monday, April 14, 2014

Then she told me "You know you can't just pull your kid out of school & teach him out of a book from Costco???"

And I laughed out loud, and at that moment I was 100% certain we'd made the right decision.

The title of this post are words a school administrator sarcastically said to me when I mentioned we'd been talking to a charter school in regards to homeschooling Josiah.

And actually you CAN just pull your child out of school and teach him out of a Costco book if you wanted. So there.

Our boy had a rough year. He received a life changing diagnosis last fall, not at all life threatening, just new hurdles. Life long hurdles. He was struggling in school, not academically, but socially. He was being bullied and his friends were starting to take note of his sensory issues & inability to sit still. Academically he was in the gifted program and doing well, but there were so many things that we as a family disagreed with and ultimately, we feel like the school system treats every child like they're squares & Josiah is a circle. We were watching Josiah's love of learning disappear right before our eyes.

I always said I could never homeschool a special needs child. But it got to the point that Jason was 100% sure it was the right thing & I agreed.

And it's been such a joy. (Mostly, I sometimes threaten to send him back to school). Since we are with a charter school we have an education specialist assigned to us, so I am not in it alone. She has been such a huge help! It's also given us the opportunity to use educational funds for things that interest Josiah (like piano).

He's doing really well & we're having fun, and learning as we go. We're doing lots of hands on stuff & computer lessons. We started hanging out with a group of friends who homeschool & are doing some fun things together.

Overall, I am excited about the decision - and I am excited for next year!

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