All about us!

I am a 30 something stay at home wife and mom. {when thinking of a one liner to describe me, that’s the best I could do. It’s bathed in originality, I know!}

The road to my current ‘career' choice was a long and bumpy one. We struggled with great loss and infertility treatments. God’s plan for my husband and I was to open our hearts to the foster care system, and that’s where my journey to here began. He later shocked us with a little miracle, and quite frankly, I don’t think He’s done yet.

My visions of being a stay at home mom involved words like "Domestic Goddess". Clean house, hot dinners, handmade clothes, and children sitting at the table reading the Bible. {I am kind of joking!}. Eventually, I decided it was time to sit down and re-arrange my priorities. I could find no balance between focusing on all of these things I was "supposed" to do. I am still in the process of that, but I’ve decided that I am not the goddess of anything {especially laundry}, and would rather my heart be centered on domestic Godliness. I have such a responsibility in my role as wife and mother and keeper of our home, and I want to live it out intentionally and passionately.

I love to make things. Foods. Crafts. Paper. Fabric. Whatever. Though I seriously lack patience, so I’d probably put out the money for something like this rather then try to make it myself. And if I did try it’d be cornered up all wrong and my mother would make me use the dreaded seam ripper and re-do it all.

I have an unhealthy need for lists. If it’s not written down, I don’t do it. I survive on daily dockets. I need goals, or I am lazy. And scatterbrained.

I am a recovering perfectionist. If something has my “name” attached to it, I want to control every aspect of it. I am learning to let go of that.

I honestly would much rather be poor and happy. I know people say that, but I really, really would. I don’t need stuff. I do however, need experiences and thrive on family time, couple time, friend time. I’ll grow what I can, make what I can, do what I need to in order to keep my family time sacred.

I am totally imperfect. I make a billion mistakes daily. I offend people. I try too hard. I hold back when I should be touching another. I am selfish. I eat cookies in the bathroom so my kids don’t see and ask me for one. I get mad at my husband because he doesn’t do something I think he should do instead of just asking him to do it! This list could go on and on.

I love music, especially live! I love movies, especially period films and predictable romantic endings. I love, love reading. If given the chance, I could curl up with tea and read a book cover to cover in one night. I never want to stop learning. I love all things Autumn, like my house booming with the wonderful scents of apples and cinnamon. I’ll let you believe I cook apple crisp nightly but it’s more than likely a tart burning that I lit a half hour before you arrived. I don’t mind messes, but when it comes to cleaning I am OCD about nooks and crannies. I love musicals and dance. I want to see the Northern lights some day, and I think it would be awesome to have Elvis re-marry my husband and I in Vegas. Someday, my friends, someday.

I fully believe that Jesus died for me. And that baffles me. I want to fall in love with Him over and over and over until the day I meet Him. He has shown Himself to me a million times over and I hope some of that you’ll see if you’re a reader of this blog. I live for those small God moments and encounters. And I am grateful for the ministry He’s given me: to serve my husband, to bring up my children as Disciples of Christ, to touch lives.

I hope I am doing well.

So, that’s me. And all my fluff.

My husband. He took my heart in 1996, and we both had a lot to learn prior to marrying in 2001. He has endured with me and laughed with me and been my best friend. Amazing man, I got - I'll tell ya.

His heart is ministry and that has been constant since we met. He currently works full time as a youth pastor, which really is never where we imagined ourselves - but God has a hearty sense of humor. Jason loves sports, which I appreciate, but aside from UCLA & the Yankee's, can't put my heart into it. He is a coach through and through; an aspect I adore about him. He is a romantic and does things that still make me all wooey. Wooey is a word, google it.

Drew is my first child. His dad and I married when he was 6, and he instantly took over the sweetest place in my heart. I was never a little girl who dreamed of someday being the dreaded "stepmom", but the role was mine. I don't know how or why, but the relationship between the two of us has been an amazing blessing, filled with friendship and conversation and love. We were given a beautiful gift in a blended family!

Andrew is a athlete, all around. He finds his passion in sports, especially basketball. He is a rock star, seriously. He is heading to college with big dreams and a unwritten story before him. I cannot wait to share in the life this boy will live!

Josiah is my boy. Though he wasn't adopted until he was nearly 4, the child had my heart in his hands at 2 1/2.

He is a boy’s boy. Bugs, dirt, sports, he breathes it in. He has a heart bigger than anyone I've ever encountered. He wants to love and care for and comfort others. He also teaches me much about myself. He endured a lot during the first 2 years of his life and he has so much he needs to overcome - I'm sure some of which will be carried with him forever. He daily faces his struggles and I daily face how I react to them. He will always be a light to me .... I think he understands Jesus a lot better than I do!

Ella is my miracle. The morning I discovered I was pregnant with her I would have never ever thought I'd see a positive test or a baby at the end of it all. I yelled. And cried. And called my mommy. Every thing about her, from her conception, to her crazy long bedridden pregnancy to her birth is a miracle.

I must confess to ya'll that I LOVE having a daughter. She is such a sweet, loving soul. And SUCH a girly girl, to the extreme. She shows me so much about the awesomeness of our Creator, constantly. Each new milestone with her I cling to, for they are moments I never thought I'd see. She is a precious gift to me, a reminder in my life to never take anything for granted.

Overall, we love our family time. We enjoy adventures and climbing over railings to get the better view. We have a lot of fun together and I cherish this time ... thus a place where I can write down the memories. These ARE the days we will remember.

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